February 28, 2023 Press


⁠Membership Limited Time Offer⁠

March members limited time offer a big reward, only need a few points to get a discount on an e-dining voucher through points!⁠

  • HKD50的電子飲食券只需1200 分
    An HKD50 e-Dining Voucher can be redeemed with just 1200 points⁠

  • HKD100元的電子飲食券只需 2000 分
    An HKD100 e-Dining Voucher can be redeemed with just 2000 points⁠

  • HKD500元的電子飲食券只需 8000 分
    An HKD500 e-Dining Voucher can be redeemed with just 8000 points⁠

    快啲下載Gaia Premier 成為會員!享受美食,賺取積分,換領更多優惠!⁠
    ⁠⁠Quickly download Gaia Premier to become a member and enjoy food, earn points, and redeem more benefits!

Registration for gift voucher

想要體驗不一樣的美食和最佳服務嗎?於三月份登記成為 Gaia Premier 新會員,即可獲得價值 $300 的電子飲食禮券!⁠凡消費滿$500即可使用
Want to experience different cuisine and the best service? Sign up now to become a new member of Gaia Premier and receive a $300 e-dining voucher with minimum spending of $500

Enjoy your favorite food and drinks in our restaurants. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

立即加入我們,成為 Gaia Premier 的一份子,享受會員專屬優惠!期待您的加入!
Join us now and become a part of Gaia Premier, and enjoy exclusive member benefits! We look forward to your joining!

Special Limited Time Dining Offer⁠

持Gaia Group旗下餐廳收據,於下一次消費每滿 $500 元,即可享減$100優惠!滿$1000即可減$200;如此類推
Take advantage of this limited-time offer now! With a receipt from any restaurant under Gaia Group, you can enjoy a discount of $100 on your next purchase of every $500 spending; a discount of $200 for $1000 spending, and so on!

⁠ Remember, this offer is only valid till end of March, so gather your friends and come dine with us!⁠