October 21, 2022 Press


踏入秋分,王家沙花樣年華推出各款讓人齒頰生香,回味無窮的特色蟹粉菜,誠意推薦「鮮拆蟹粉龍蝦酥」、「清炒鮮拆蟹粉配鍋巴卷」及「鮮拆蟹粉燴粉皮」。今年更聯同Gaia Group創意大使黎諾懿推出季節限定蟹粉新品「蟹粉撈麵」。立即行動,捉緊品嚐蟹粉美饌好時節!🦀⁠

Autumn breeze is just around the corner! Bloom by Wang Jia Sha presents a wide range of special crabmeat dishes including “Baked Lobster Crab Roe Puff”, “Stir-fried Fresh Crab Roe with Crispy Rice Cone” and “Braised Crab Roe with Crystal Flour Noodles”. This year, in collaboration with Gaia Group’s creative ambassador Lai Lok Yi, we are launching a new seasonal crabmeat dish – Noodles with Crab Roe. Book now to enjoy the delicious crab delicacies!

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