August 11, 2022 Press

中秋節 - 月夕花朝.懿味情濃 Cherish The Moment, Embrace Every Encounter

今個中秋節,GaiaGroup聯同創意大使黎諾懿先生推出花好月圓月餅禮盒,與大家一同歡度中秋佳節!為求達至完美 ,Gaia Group 精心挑選食材,嚴格監控烘烤時間及溫度。每個禮盒包含六款不同口味(經典及創新口味) 非常適合與家人,摯愛和朋友分享,慶賀人月兩團圓,中秋快樂!


Gaia Group創意大使黎諾懿先生

「創意滋味」的代表作蛋黃肉鬆月餅,由Gaia Group創意大使黎諾懿先生發揮玩味創意,將優質豬肉鬆配上蛋黃,用中低溫慢火烘焙,使其濃郁而不油膩,一口鬆化,餅香四溢;另一款是咖啡者至愛炭燒咖啡月餅,採用碳火烘焙咖啡豆,其味道回甘醇厚,帶有碳燒木香味,齒頰留香,再三回味。最後是中西合壁的檸檬芝士月餅,清新檸檬果肉融合忌廉芝士,爽甜清香,微酸不膩,帶來耳目一新之味。

購花好月圓月餅禮盒即享 7折優惠。一同分享中秋喜悅!

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In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, we have collaborated with Mr. Lokyi Lai, Gaia Group’s Creative Ambassador, to create the Blissful Harmony Mooncake Gift Box. Each mooncake uses carefully selected ingredients and follows strict baking guidelines to ensure consistency and perfection. The new mooncake gift set sets feature a range of six different traditional and innovative flavors.

The traditional flavors include the Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake, with and without egg yolk. This classic filling is made of plump fresh lotus seeds that are seasoned with an exclusive recipe for a delicate balance of sweetness, while the egg yolk provides a boost of umami. For something more savory, guests can indulge in the Assorted Nuts with Premium Chinese Ham Mooncake, featuring a combination of premium Chinese ham and assorted nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, melon seeds, sesame seeds, and olive kernels. 

A standout amongst the creative flavors is the Salted Egg Yolk with Meat Floss Mooncake – an exclusive new flavor curated by Mr. Lokyi Lai. Using only the finest selected meat floss to be paired with the rich and fragrant salted egg yolk for a balanced savory profile, this mooncake truly elevates these ordinary ingredients to an extraordinary melt-in-the-mouth sensation. For the coffee-lovers, the Aromatic Roasted Coffee Mooncake uses exquisite coffee beans that are handpicked and perfectly roasted to create a rich aromatic fragrance. Last but not least is the Refreshing Lemon Cheese Mooncake. The perfect combination of refreshing lemon and creamy cheese creates a delightful tangy taste! A pleasant Western twist to the traditional mooncake for a brand new gastronomic experience


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Wishing you all a delightful and heartening Mid-Autumn Festival!

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