July 15, 2020 Blog

Gaia Group To You - Newly Launch Special Services

In view of this tough time, Gaia Group has specially prepared new gourmet dining services to all our beloved clients, in hope to weather the storm together!

Gaia Group Gourmet Delivery

With just a text or call, you may enjoy our specialty dishes of different cuisines, from the comfort of your home at all times. What’s even better, you may order dishes from all our featured outlets at the same time! Check out our menus below: catering.gaiagroup.com.hk

有見社會疫情嚴峻,本集團希望透過外賣到戶服務,為您提供一系列精選佳餚,讓您在家也能隨時隨地安逸的享受美食。不僅如此,您更可以在同一時間內訂購本集團旗下不同品牌餐廳的菜餚,歡迎查看以下菜單: catering.gaiagroup.com.hk

We delivery everyday from day till night!

For instant delivery, check out:


Gaia Group Private Catering

Turn your house into a restaurant with our professional chef who will prepare a scrumptious dinner in your kitchen just for you and your guests!
Gaia Group is honoured to offer you our premium Private Catering Service, a personalized culinary journey with our experienced culinary team – all in the comfort of your home with specialty dishes of different cuisines. Check out the details below and book our services now: cheftohome.gaiagroup.com.hk

Gaia Group 現已推出尊貴到會服務,讓我們的專業主廚把頂級餐廳的滋味佳餚帶到您家中!

我們很榮幸能為您及賓客以最時令的新鮮食材在您家中打造出最合您口味的尊貴美食之旅。 我們專業的烹飪團隊會親自搜羅及處理各種食材,帶到您府上為您烹調!歡迎查看以下詳情並在此訂購: cheftohome.gaiagroup.com.hk


Gaia Group Market Place

Calling all avid home cooks – Gaia Group Market Place is now in service for you! We strive to deliver an array of imported premium ingredients such as exquisite seafood, meat and fresh vegetables daily, all carefully sourced from our reputable suppliers and handpicked by our experienced culinary team. All ingredients are safely packed and delivered right to your door. Check out the details and shop now: marketplace.gaiagroup.com.hk 

What’s more, each order will include our house-made marinating sauces, as well as our weekly surprise cooking recipes and videos. Stay tuned on our social media pages @gaiagroup.hk for all latest updates and tasty bites!

Gaia Group高級入口食材配送服務正式登場,我們為您從有品質保證的供應商中精心挑選的新鮮食材,包裝及運送過程衛生安全,確保食材安全到達府上,為您每天帶來新鮮入口的肉類、海鮮及蔬菜等,種類繁多,保證您每天都能煮出新意!歡迎查看菜單並訂購: marketplace.gaiagroup.com.hk

除此以外,每個訂單更會上餐廳自家秘製醬料以及每星期的驚喜絕密食譜及教學短片,詳情請留意我們的官方社交網站 @gaiagroup.hk,我們將會不時更新!