August 20, 2021 Blog

Journey to Italy - Gaia Group's 20th Anniversary Tasting Menu

Journey to Italy – Gaia Group’s 20th Anniversary Tasting Menu

In celebration of the Gaia Group’s 20th anniversary, the Group traces back their roots to the very first Italian restaurant they established 2 decades ago, Gaia Ristorante. Taking the lead, Chef Paolo Monti, Executive Chef of Gaia Ristorante, Chef Alessandro Tonin, Executive Chef of Isola Bar&Grill and Chef Man, Executive Chef of Velo are joining hands together as the trio present their refined expressions of Italian fine dining. The new crossover at Velo plays heavily on seasonal ingredients sourced all over Italy, with homage paid to the vibrant Italian dining culture.

Under the concept, TWO tasting menus would be served, priced at HK$888 and HK$1,288 per person, available for dinner only. In particular for the HK$1288 menu, customers may further indulge themselves with a dual enjoyment by having our Guest Chef -Paolo Monti on site showcasing his proficient and authentic Italian culinary techniques!

What’s more! Don’t forget to add onto our wine pairing menu to immerse yourself in this wanderlusting experience!

Menu Details:

HK$888 Tasting Menu

Serving MON-SUN, After 18:00

HK$1,288 Guest Chef Tasting Menu

Serving on Specific Dates only: 24/25/31 Aug, 1 /14/15 Sept, After 18:00

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