February 16, 2023 Press

Experience Fine Dining Like Never Before at Maison Gaia

Maison Gaia is here to revolutionize your dining experience! Located on the 5th floor at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui, Maison Gaia offers a unique culinary journey that you won’t forget.The talented team of chefs at Maison Gaia has hand-selected the finest steak and seafood from around the world and paired it with fresh, seasonal ingredients at the self-serve bar. The result? A stunning dining experience that showcases the mastery of cooking and creativity.

Maison Gaia 將會颠覆你的餐飲體驗!這家餐廳位於尖沙咀 K11 MUSEA 的 5 樓,將為你帶來一次難忘的美食旅程。Maison Gaia 的廚師團隊精心挑選了來自世界各地的優質牛肉和海鮮美食,並在自助吧上搭配新鮮時令食材,呈現出精湛的廚藝和創意。這將是你難以忘懷的餐飲體驗。

At Maison Gaia, you can choose from a variety of steak and seafood options, including Japanese A4 beef, Australian sirloin steak, North American ribeye, and New York strip, just to name a few. Whether you’re a steak lover or a seafood fan, there’s something for everyone at Maison Gaia.

在 Maison Gaia,你可以選擇多種牛肉和海鮮選擇,包括日本 A4 牛肉、澳洲西冷扒、北美肋眼扒、紐約扒等,無論你是牛肉愛好者還是海鮮粉絲,Maison Gaia 都有適合你的選擇。

The interior of the restaurant features a sleek and stylish design, with three large LED screens as the centerpiece. The decor is a mix of marble, bronze, and rose gold, giving the restaurant a young and fashionable feel. The dynamic screens display various themes, with intricate and realistic images and music to accompany them. This creates a multisensory experience that’s both fresh and exciting.

餐廳內部裝飾以三面大型 LED 屏幕為特色,以雲石、古銅色和玫瑰金色為設計元素,既年輕又時尚。配以不同主題的動態畫面,伴隨音樂起舞,將為你帶來多種創意的視覺、聽覺和味覺體驗。

In conclusion, Maison Gaia offers not only delicious steak and seafood, but also an artful and fashionable dining experience. If you’re a foodie, don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your dining game!

總的來說,Maison Gaia 不僅提供美味的牛肉和海鮮,還是一個充滿藝術感和時尚的餐飲體驗。如果你是美食家,那麼不要錯過這個機會!

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