August 1, 2023 Press

Gaia for All's - Impactful Contribution to The Hong Kong Society for the Blind

In a heartwarming act of compassion and solidarity, Gaia Group Creative Ambassador Lokyi Lai, represented by Gaia for All, recently made a significant donation to The Hong Kong Society for the Blind. Their contribution of 150 mooncake boxes not only brings joy but also demonstrates unwavering support for the visually impaired community. This inspiring initiative highlights the power of collective efforts in making a positive impact and fostering inclusivity.


Mr. Kiefer Ko, Founder of Gaia for All, has some heartwarming news to share with everyone.

Gaia for All’s commitment to creating a waste-free society and combating hunger extends beyond their core mission. By choosing to support The Hong Kong Society for the Blind, they exemplify their dedication to uplifting marginalized communities. The donation of mooncake boxes serves as a tangible expression of support and solidarity, spreading happiness among the visually impaired and reminding them that they are not alone.

The act of giving goes beyond the physical donation itself. Gaia for All’s initiative aims to bring joy to the visually impaired community during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time of celebration and togetherness. The mooncakes symbolize shared traditions and represent the care and compassion extended by Gaia for All and Lokyi Lai. Through this gesture, they hope to ignite smiles and create a sense of belonging among those they support.

Gaia for All’s donation serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that individuals and organizations can make when they come together for a common cause. By supporting The Hong Kong Society for the Blind, Gaia for All encourages others to join them in their mission to create a more inclusive society. Together, we can work towards a future where everyone is valued and empowered, regardless of their abilities.

Gaia for All extends warm wishes to all for a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!