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月夕花朝.懿味情濃 Cherish The Moment. Embrace Every Encounter
今個中秋節,Gaia Group聯同我們創作大使黎諾懿先生推出花好月圓月餅禮盒,與大家一同歡度中秋佳節!為求達至完美 ,Gaia Group 精心挑選食材,嚴格監控烘烤時間及溫度。每個禮盒包含六款不同口味(經典及創新口味) 非常適合與家人,摯愛和朋友分享,慶賀人月兩團圓,中秋快樂!
To All Amazing Dads Out There!
Treat dad to a sumptuous family feast at Gaia Group! From Italian dinner to Shanghainese gourmet, we’ve all kinds of options for everyone to enjoy together this Father’s day!
Gaia Group "On the Love Way on This Valentine’s Day"