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Isola Bar & Grill 聯乘Bosch呈獻招牌意大利菜式!
Isola行政總廚Alex聯同德國品牌BOSCH 於今年聖誕施展創意,推出節慶食譜,以BOSCH Series 8嵌入式蒸焗爐 炮製2道滋味驚喜菜色,包括;烤西班牙乳豬配薑忌廉及香烤八爪魚配薯蓉及甜椒醬。食譜將教導獨特烹調方法配以BOSCH Series 8嵌入式蒸焗爐內置的4D HotAir 熱風功能及蒸汽功能以鎖住食材鮮味,讓你將餐廳品嚐到的美味帶回家!想親嚐由主廚炮製的節慶佳餚?立即訂座率先享受美饌! Isola Executive Chef Alex, in collaboration with German brand BOSCH has come up with a creative and festive recipe this Christmas. Using the BOSCH Series 8 built-in steam oven to create two amazing dishes, including; Roasted Suckling Pig with Ginger Cream and Roasted Octopus with Mashed Potato and Bell Pepper Sauce. Recipes will be taught with unique cooking methods and the BOSCH Series 8 built-in steam oven with 4D HotAir function and steam function to lock in the freshness of the ingredients, so you can take home the delicious flavors from the restaurant! Want to taste the festive dishes prepared by the chef? Book your seat now and be the first to enjoy the delicacies!
新年將至,Gaia Group 今年繼續為大家精心準備了豐盛的賀年盆菜及新春糕品! 除了象徵包羅萬有,風生水起的「富貴鮑魚撈起」、傳統的「富貴鮑魚花膠海參全家福」及「龍蝦花膠鮑魚金蠔盆菜」外,更包括「頂級富貴鮑魚臘味蘿蔔糕」、「鴻運黑糖椰汁年糕」及入口清甜爽滑的「雙喜桂花椰汁馬蹄糕」等。盆菜及賀年糕品網店優惠低至85折,親臨指定餐廳惠顧堂食滿指定金額更可享高達盆菜75折及糕品6折優惠! Chinese New Year is around the corner, GAIA GROUP have specially crafted CNY Delights and Poon Choi to celebrate! We have the Supreme Abalone Lou Hei that symbolizes an auspicious start for the year, as well as our traditional Supreme Lobster Abalone Treasure Pot and Supreme Lobster Fish Maw Poon. We also have different types of Chinese New Year puddings such as Turnip Cake etc. Get up to 15% off Poon Choi and Chinese New Year Delights when you shop online, and enjoy even bigger savings when you dine-in at specified restaurants. Spend a certain amount and get up to 25% off Poon Choi dishes and an incredible 40% off cake products.
Unforgettable Christmas with delicious food 🎄🎄🎄
This year, make your Christmas unforgettable by booking a reservation at one of our Gaia Group restaurants. Our warm and inviting atmosphere will ensure you feel right at home whilst enjoying some of our finest dishes. From now until December 25th come to join us for a meal that is sure to bring joy to your holiday season!