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Liu's Chong Qing Hot Pot - Strongly Lands in Causeway Bay
Indulge in the authentic taste of Chongqing-style hotpot at Liu's Chongqing Hot Pot, Hong Kong's newest hotspot for foodies. Opening on July 22, 2023, at Midtown, Causeway Bay, the first Liu's Chongqing Hot Pot restaurant on Hong Kong Island promises a unique dining experience. Fresh ingredients combined with rich and flavorful soup bases make each dish a treat for your taste buds. Enjoy a variety of Chongqing-style signature dishes, including the upgraded authentic Chongqing classic spicy soup, which boasts a spicy yet not overly dry flavor. Savor the signature Benz Hot Pot with three flavors, a must-try for soup lovers. With affordable prices and a diverse lunch menu, Liu's Chongqing Hot Pot is the top choice for hot pot lovers in Hong Kong. Come and join us for a memorable dining experience!
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【慈善計劃 】Gaia For All 與東華三院舉辦親子慈善月餅製作坊
香港知名餐飲集團 Gaia Group 旗下的慈善計劃 Gaia For All 與東華三院攜手合作,並由華都獅子會全力支持,於2022年8月20日在中環國際金融中心的時尚新派中餐廳 「舍」舉辦 ”童”您製作愛心月餅 - 親子慈善月餅製作工作坊,邀請十個家庭參與,製作傳統中式月餅。工作坊由Gaia Group創意大使、影視藝人黎諾懿先生主持。
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9 APR 2021: Isola x am730
Isola on am730 feat. Impossible Meat dishes
Media Coverage
26 MAR 2021: SHÈ x Headline Daily
SHÈ on Headline Daily feat. afternoon tea set
Media Coverage
NOV 2020: Glasshouse Greenery on PRESTIGE
Glasshouse Greenery media coverage on PRESTIGE
Media Coverage
11 SEP 2020: Glasshouse Greenery on U Magazine!
Glasshouse Greenery media coverage on U Magazine!
Media Coverage
28 SEP 2020: Glasshouse Greenery x Hong Kong Economic Times
Glasshouse Greenery media coverage on Hong Kong Economic Times
Media Coverage
9 OCT 2020: Glasshouse Greenery x HKEJ
Glasshouse Greenery media coverage on HKEJ
Media Coverage
23 SEP 2020: Glasshouse Greenery x am730
Glasshouse Greenery media coverage on am730
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